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Step 1: Activate your Keyano College Network Account Account in the College.

  1. Start the computer. If it is already on then you must logoff first.
  2. Accept the Computer Usage Terms.
  3. At the logon screen, enter your Keyano College Network Account and initial password (What's is my initial password?).
  4. When prompted, enter a new password. Remember your password and never share it with anyone.
  5. Your activation is successful when you get into Windows XP.

Before you can use your Keyano College Network Account, you must activate it on a college computer. You must perform the activation only once. At Clearwater Campus, you may use any computer in the Library, SKILL center, Infocommons, or in a computer lab. At any other Keyano College campus you may use any computer in a computer lab. You cannot use a laptop to activate your Keyano College Network Account.

Please Note: Individuals using any of the college computing resources accept and abide by the Computer Usage Terms and the Computer Usage Terms.